Character Illustration

Some of the famous personalities I've created for various Flash animations. Created in Freehand and Illustrator.

Characters drawn for an interactive, beach themed quiz. It was part of a sales meeting program, for a pharmaceutical company.

A take on the "Daily Show", this is a screen-grab from a flash animated series "The Detaily Show".

A screen-grab from a Flash animated series, "The Doctor's Office."

A screen-grab from an interactive quiz game. I created the illustrations and animations, and handed it off to programming.

A "Survivor" spin off, this screen-grab is from the flash animated series "Efavirenz Island."

A "Price is Right" themed Flash quiz game. I created all the illustrations, the voice syncing and animation, and sent it off to programming.

5 superhero characters created for a series of national sales meetings. They're representative of the 5 formulations for Clarinex: Tablets, D12, D24, Syrup and RediTabs.


This is a collection of various characters I’ve developed for games, communication series and meeting themes.


Theme Development, Illustration, Flash Animation